Ken's Story

"My osteoarthritis, when anybody talks to me about it I call it codgers disease, which means, you know, because I’m an old codger, that’s what it is.

"The interesting thing is, I probably see myself as a person in their forties, you know, that’s how I feel.

"When I’m not working, Sue and I like to travel, of course. One of the big passions in our life is to ride motorbikes. To ride through the Australian bushland with friends, it’s probably the best freedom you’ll ever experience.

"I manage the pain of osteoarthritis by, obviously, health and diet. When it does get on top of me, I take Panadol Osteo because that gives me pain relief and allows me to move on with my day. 

"The future for me is to keep on moving and to get on my bike, put my wife on the back and head off into the sunset."