Sue's Story

"My name is Sue and I’m a 64 year old 'young', active and positive person. I was first diagnosed with osteoarthritis 24 years ago. My mother also had the condition… lucky me!!!

"I was a sportswoman once. Nobody told me that we had to do pre-game s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s and the good old Dunlop Volleys did just fine!

"My 1996 hip operation was inevitable but I had a quick recovery and was soon balancing work and family life again. I have tried a variety of natural treatments and exercises over the years.

"You have to find what works for you... you need to research.
I did not want to take the 'easier' anti-inflammatory route.

"My weekly exercise regimen includes morning home exercises, aqua aerobics classes twice a week, a fitness ball stretch class once a week and a 30-minute walk twice a week. I have a remedial massage once a month and occasional chiropractic therapy and physiotherapy.Also, through an ongoing care program organised by my GP, I have free access to an exercise physiologist.

"A good, healthy and balanced diet is essential, boosted with good quality nutritional supplements including high-strength fish oil, organic magnesium, glucosamine and calcium.

"I have a restful sleep because my 2 Panadol Osteo helps control my pain every night and sometimes through the day. I occasionally use anti-inflammatory tablets on 'bad days'.

"For now, however, I am coping well. It's about enjoying a quality of life and making good informed choices.This story is an evolving one.

"Thank you Panadol Osteo, for your help to many people with osteoarthritis and the opportunity to share my journey.To the readers out there, I hope this has helped you and wish you many more days of enjoying life. "